Latest News & Site Updates

2016-06-24: Updated OUSA Board Meeting location on the Event Schedule page.

2016-06-22: Added a link to the Meet Notes PDF on the Home page and the Event Schedule page.

2016-06-15: Added packet pick-up details on the Event Schedule and Registration pages.  Added links to the LROC web site for Laramie Daze details.  Added new Mapper's Notes as a sub-item on the Maps & Courses page.  Added driving directions to the Travel & Lodging page.

2016-06-14:  Added course details for National Event Days 1, 2 and 3 (Saturday, Sunday & Monday).

2016-06-02:  Updated the 6/29 and 7/1 map locations on the Event Schedule page.  Added Neal Barlow as the Day 2 Course Setter, and added his preliminary Day 2 course details.

2016-04-03:  Posted registration & registered runners links on the Registration page; posted dinner details on the Registration and Event Schedule pages; posted t-shirt details on the Registration page; posted hotel discount details on the Hotels & Motels page; added OUSA Board Meeting details to the Event Schedule page.

2016-03-02:  Posted Laramie Daze fees on the Registration & Fees page.  Posted Laramie Daze map locations on the Event Schedule page.  Posted National Event preview maps on the Registration & Fees page, the Maps & Courses page, and the Course Details page.

2016-01-31:  Posted basic 2016 event details.

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